TSMC:we will use it if the sup

TSMC’s (2330-TW) 3nm fab case in the Tianan Science Park will be reviewed by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) tomorrow on December 19th. The environmental group held a press conference ahead today on December 18th, asking TSMC to promiseto use 100% renewable energy in its manufacturing. Elizabeth Sun, senior director of TSMC’s Corporate Information Office, said that if there is sufficient and stable renewable energy in Taiwan, TSMC willuse it.

TSMC investedNTD600bn in the construction of3nm fab in Tianan Science Park. The fab is expected to mass produce by the end of 2022. For now, the fab is at EIA stage and the final decision will be made in the assessment meeting tomorrow. Regarding the water and electricity problems questioned by the committee members, the environmental group today urged TSMC to commit to 100% use of renewable energy and water, like Apple(AAPL-US) and Google(GOOGL-US). The environmental group also hope the assessment meeting will set the progress to be reached by years for TSMC and gradually achieved full renewable energy usage.

In response, Sun said that it is not determined by TSMC when there will be sufficient and stable renewable energy in Taiwan. However, if there is sufficient renewable energy, TSMC will definitely use it and increase the usage gradually.

Sun pointed out that TSMC is continuously devoting to promote renewable energy, smart environmental protection and global sustainability. In the future, the company will definitely use more renewable energy. However, the current supply of renewable energy in Taiwan is not determined by TSMC. Commitment does not make much sense for now.

C. C. Wei, president of TSMC, said at the supply chain forum that after 3nm fab’s mass production, the semiconductor industry may be catalyzed. However, semiconductor manufacturing process and technology are facing more severe environments. In order to reduce power consumption, energy-related demands may rise. He hopes thatrelevant supply chain will continue to develop energy-saving and water-saving equipment.